We announce that next version 2.0.0 of SLF4J mock library has been released.

New feature in this release:

  • project refactor
  • correct misspelled package name
  • new way for define mock, now we use standard Mockito annotation do define Mocks and Spies for Loggers
  • Mock will be created only when user declare it in test, old version created Mocks and recorded invocations for all Loggers
  • Mocks are bind to current thread, so testing the same Logger in parallel is possible
  • all the Magic are done by Mockito plugins, so you don’t need to directly use class from this library

Examples of usage available at project site: https://www.simplify4u.org/slf4j-mock/

Detail release info can be found at github v2.0.0.

Tags: slf4j mock testing release-note

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