Next major version 1.10.0 of PGPVerify Maven Plugin was released.

In this version we have new goal show.

Now you can see and verify an artifact signature eg for JUnit by simply execute:

mvn org.simplify4u.plugins:pgpverify-maven-plugin:show -Dartifact=junit:jnuit:4.12

as a result you see output like:

    groupId:     junit
    artifactId:  junit
    type:        jar
    version:     4.12

PGP signature:
    version:     4
    algorithm:   SHA1withRSA
    keyId:       0xEFE8086F9E93774E
    create date: Thu Dec 04 17:17:33 CET 2014
    status:      valid

PGP key:
    version:     4
    algorithm:   RSA (Encrypt or Sign)
    bits:        2048
    fingerprint: 0xD4C89EA4AAF455FD88B22087EFE8086F9E93774E
    master key:  0x58E79B6ABC762159DC0B1591164BD2247B936711
    create date: Sun Jul 27 14:31:46 CEST 2014
    uids:        [.... (JUnit Development, 2014) <mail@....>]

For more information you can consult documentation for show goal.

Detail release info can be found at github v1.10.0.

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