Next major version 1.7.0 of PGPVerify Maven Plugin was released.

Maintenance of current version of dependency is important in every project. In maven project you can use versions-maven-plugin to help find what can be updated.

versions-maven-plugin has many goals to show dependency updates for different kind of artifacts, like project dependency, plugin dependency.

According to Maven Central Repository requirements all artifacts deployed to Central Repository have to provided PGP signatures. All key used to signing artifacts are distributed to public key servers.

We can verify PGP signature of downloaded artifact, but there aren’t place to verify if given public key should be used for specific artifact.

To meet this demand we created map of pgp keys connected with artifacts. So we have information if some key identified by finger print should be used to signing specific artifact.

OpenHAB is a open source software for integrating different home automation systems and technologies into one platform.

Fatek PLC is one kind of Programmable Logic Controller produced by FATEK Automation Corporation.

You can easily integrated Fatek PLC with computer, tablet and smartphone using OpenHAB.

A few days ago I decided to prepare own website. Because I’m not web developer I looking for something easy and ready to use for web layout.

On the other hand, I’m a developer so I like to write a few lines of code by myself.

After some searching I choosed those tools for build website:

  • GitHub Pages for hosting
  • Jekyll for site generating
  • Bootstrap CSS for build the layout